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Based in The Landing, MediaCityUK, Greater Manchester, INEVITABLE is a collaborative technology startup.

We are business and technology consultants who came together to offer advice and build AI systems using their experience in Data Science, Machine Learning & Web Development.


With so many projects on the go, we have limited availability, although, we really do love solving problems and talking tech, so if you need to know how to incorporate technologies such as AI, IOT, Blockchain, etc, into your business process, we provide professional consultation services.

To get in contact with us, email us via using the link below:


We have multiple projects in development at any one time.

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Project Prophet Placeholder

Project Prophet

This project name refers to an AI framework we are designing around abductive reasoning.

Project Smart Connections Placeholder

Project Smart Connection

Connections secured in a heartbeat.

Project Singularity Placeholder

Project Singularity

The worlds digital wisdom repository.

Project Mantra Placeholder

Project Mantra

Integrated Health Wearables.

Project Nessle Placeholder

Project Nessle

Empowering patients and their families, a project developed from the BCS Hackathon 2019.

Join the Team

We are first and foremost a collaborative technology developer, because our projects range across multiple fields, we often collaborate with individuals from a diverse group of disciplines, from industry experts to likeminded contributors.

To join our network of many collaborators, follow and message us on Twitter:



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Thu Feb 06 2020

@greatermcr @CompiledMCR @upaccelerator @TheLandingMCUK @DigitalSalford @AndyBurnhamGM @tn_northwest @McrDig @naomitimperley @innovateheruk @opendatamcr @Sean12697 We're also pleased to be one of the eleven companies on the @GCHQ #SafeCitizenAccelerator in partnership with @TheLandingMCUK and @upaccelerator, which is also listed on the @GMCAdigital "Greater Manchester Cyber Ecosystem map" #GMdigital https://t.co/tuy8GpFcyx https://t.co/solCXyWiNg

Thu Feb 06 2020

The work that @greatermcr are doing is amazing, we see a few familiar names/friends in the digital blueprint and we hope that INEVITABLE, along with our @CompiledMCR project, can assist with #GMdigital https://t.co/9sjJiQedkk https://t.co/kzTdyAoMjr

Tue Feb 04 2020

On @Meetup alone there are over 170 groups, having hosted more than 3,000 events spanning the past few years. It's quite difficult to convey how large the community is, which is why we're working on @CompiledMCR, a tool for the #ManchesterTechCommunity https://t.co/iKPwrLNq7M https://t.co/WhQgyXonoB https://t.co/Y1nK2xf2YI

Thu Jan 30 2020

We have to thank @itsonlymepaddy tonight for his encouragement for us to talk tonight @eagle_labs_sal hosted @TheLandingMCUK, amazing first event organised by Paddy ๐Ÿค– https://t.co/A8CKqKxyLU

Thu Jan 23 2020

Here's a little bit of irony for today, as we were putting together our last tweet spellchecker suggested that "abductive" should be "deductive", surely someone put that in as an easter egg. https://t.co/hXBXmQ3COK https://t.co/T0s9Z68xiS

Thu Jan 16 2020

Loving the data blocks, button and curation ๐Ÿ’พ https://t.co/NCVGGakKdI

Thu Jan 16 2020

We're enjoying hearing fr several people about their different experiences and influences on the many different gadgets brought tonight for @mcrfuturists. https://t.co/uL7tmQMPN2

Thu Jan 16 2020

Extremely interested development happening at Lanchester, joint with Edinburgh University, that also combats ethical concerns about data, and an option to pay a subscription for your data to not be shared with third parties ๐Ÿ“ฑโš  #mcrfuturists https://t.co/SHlCnZWb9v https://t.co/48CbslmQ4q

Thu Jan 16 2020

Only two weeks time until @eagle_labs_sal hosts their next Smart Homes: Living with AI @TheLandingMCUK, tickets are out now so sign up before they are gone ๐Ÿค–๐ŸŽŸ๐Ÿป https://t.co/Ejz6LcGgr7 https://t.co/ZcDinbr9zQ

Tue Jan 14 2020

It's a pleasure to be invited to @TechFemale @FederationMCR tonight and support greater diversity in tech founding roles. https://t.co/Scap1ajwt5

Tue Dec 31 2019

Looking back on a year of amazing growth for INEVITABLE. Weโ€™ve worked with some truly incredible organisations & people. Releasing our CTO service, 3 Open Source #TechForGood Projects, 7 GitHub Repos, winning competitions & still found time to speak at many Conโ€™s, Uniโ€™s & Schools https://t.co/LplfSGJUzf

Thu Nov 28 2019

As part of our open-source @CompiledMCR project, we are happy to announce we have released the data from Meetup for the Manchester Tech' scene, along with the scripts we created to gather it. We hope to be able to feature data visualizations on it soon. https://t.co/7fW3ltuucW https://t.co/IIjTMvcUUM

Thu Nov 07 2019

Manchester GPS data looks amazing in the Java OpenStreetMap Editor, we feel like this should be printed ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ—บ๐Ÿ #Manchester https://t.co/I60spPeJvW

Fri Oct 25 2019

Sooooo we have released the source code for @CompiledMCR Events (formally Manchester Tech Meetups) after many requests, so please do check it out and give us any feedback, we do hope to put more development time into it soon ๐Ÿ˜ https://t.co/v95dqNQtXX https://t.co/UfXzD1vi4R

Wed Oct 23 2019

Wo-Man: Today's sad, funny and true incitement of the human race is brought to us by Googles' word2vec model trained on Google News which we've been playing around with. For giggles, we retrieved the closest words for "woman" and "man", we think the results speak for themselves. https://t.co/5L1UgSrocf

Sat Oct 19 2019

It was a pleasure to give our first talk @oggcamp, for those who are interested in collaborating with us, give us a DM. Here are the links/pictures for the projects from our slides: Image Classification Benchmarker - https://t.co/QewZyqJCGr NavEnabled - https://t.co/jr1QEI3kI7 https://t.co/DW8VF7529d

Tue Oct 15 2019

It has come to our attention that Meetup will soon start charging fees to event attendees, due to this, we will be pursuing more of our community focused open source projects. We hope to discuss some of them @oggcamp this Saturday and spark discussions with more collaborators. https://t.co/14ScJuATy9

Thu Oct 03 2019

We've just published our first public package on @npmjs as INEVITABLE, it's a simple package to make and test transfer learning, but our aim is to use it in a much bigger modular system. https://t.co/feaY9tKxV3 https://t.co/9VOuyFRnQb

Thu Sep 26 2019

It was a pleasure to officially be introduced to Paddy, our new Ecosystem Manager for @eagle_labs_sal in @TheLandingMCUK, we will sorely miss @darren1_obrien, but this is definitely how business cards should be done at Eagle Labs https://t.co/9liYIBX0Jc

Thu Sep 19 2019

It's good to see @RosieCampbell back talking @mcrfuturists @AutoTraderLife, one of our particularly favourite meetup groups due to the frequent focus on AI. https://t.co/Ck0vsjarlz

Mon Sep 16 2019

It was a pleasure catching up with @guettel @OfficialUoM after hearing his talk @Manc_ML on "Symbolic Time Series Representations" today https://t.co/dMOv5Xc56U

Thu Sep 05 2019

Next up, @emanuil_tolev talking about "What's new in Elastic Stack 7.x", someone we first bumped into @BSidesMCR ๐Ÿ˜ https://t.co/IhUPs7zSPv

Thu Sep 05 2019

Very interesting talk tonight @computerlovers ran by @elastic on how @mattdevdba @CDL_Software created a "Real-time Data Intelligence Platform" (using Elastic) ๐Ÿ˜ https://t.co/qyV7hSxv2T

Wed Sep 04 2019

.@jamesmedd speaking at the "Future of automation and AI" event by @blue_prism @Eagle_Labs_MCR, going well so far... Apart from the monitors not playing too well ๐Ÿ˜ฌ https://t.co/IYX0vDpwLt

Fri Aug 23 2019

One week left to go until @TheLandingMCUK @MediaCityUK Games Night, we have our fancy drinks tokens given to us by the fabulous @HollyLindon yesterday, we can't wait to get our game on ๐ŸŽŸ๏ธ๐Ÿป๐ŸŽฎ https://t.co/glTzeS5fc5 https://t.co/3gvqh0FVc3

Wed Jul 17 2019

Congratulations are boi to @Sean12697 for such an achievement. It only took him 3 years and a first class degree to manage it but least he now has a that cheeky vc selfy he always wanted! #Millenials https://t.co/Pq2P06dYzj

Fri Jun 21 2019

It was an amazing experience to be invited to speak to students from #TUDelft last week by @DI_Security, our new neighbors and tenants at @TheLandingMCUK, thank you https://t.co/85WZnllhI6

July 19th, 2019
Silicon Drinkabout

Co-hosting Silicon Drinkabout

At Inevitable we try to engage with the community as much as possible, so that is why we co-hosted the Silicon Drinkabout event in The Landing, which was also promoted on Twitter by them.

July 19th, 2019
GM Future of Health

GM Future of Health Application

After insistence from various people we work with, we applied for the GM Future of Health, and shortly afterwards The Landing asked us to give a quick pitch on our thoughts to be published on Twitter.

June 5th, 2019
BCS Hackathon

BCS Hackathon Winners

We were announced as the winners of the 2019 BCS Hackathon for our idea of a patient / family empowerment platform, to read more our co-founder Sean O'Mahoney has written up his own personal blog post.

British Cardiovascular Society
Dicey Tech
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Manchester Metropolitant University
Royal Agricultural University
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