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Technology that gets you – and keeps you – ahead of the competition.

Whatever product you're building, whatever service you want to launch, Inevitable can bring the technical expertise you need. And we can do it remotely.

We are innovative, creative and flexible, which means we deliver what you need. We're passionate, dedicated and proud of what we do.

CTO Service

We act as your start-up's Chief Technical Officer, taking care of funding, ideation, technical design and project management.

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Interim CTO service

We can step into your lead technical roles when you need us, picking up and delivering projects that span multiple technologies at once.

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Due Diligence & Review

From AI to APIs, we ensure your investment or development is in safe hands, with our transparent review and report services.

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One-day Innovation Service

Our unique one-day event, bringing a wealth of technical expertise, generating innovative ideas and delivering a viable business.

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We're developing a number of our own Tech for Good projects as well as public resources. Why? We want to make the world a better place.

Project Prophet Algorithm

A unique AI algorithm which is set to change the world of machine learning.

We have been writing algorithms for machine learning and artificial intelligence for years. We have combined our experience with the ability to think differently about the technology around us and applied what we’ve learnt to AI. As a result, we are redefining AI with our new methodology. It’s smarter, it’s safer and it’s more human than anything in AI before.

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A Manchester and Salford technology end-to-end events and meet-ups open-source tool.

The platform is designed to bring the tech community closer together. It features event discovery, event planning tools, attendance optimisation and resources for collaboration.

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ML/AI Benchmarking Tool

ML/AI Benchmarking Tool

An innovative open source Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence benchmarking comparison tool.

The world is changing, technology is moving faster than ever before. We know that transparent innovation that does what it promises can be hard to come by. That’s why we have built this tool. It means that people with new AI algorithms can show how and why they are better than competitors; openly without the need to surrender their IP.

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Collaborating with us

We are first and foremost a collaborative technology developer. Because our projects range across multiple fields, we often collaborate with individuals from a diverse group of disciplines, from industry experts to like-minded contributors.

To join our network of collaborators, connect with us on Twitter or email us.

About Us

The Team

Inevitable is headed by founders Ben Grubert and Sean O'Mahoney.

We are a collaborative and dynamic team, with a large network of experts across the UK. All of us have a proven track record in turning ideas into reality through innovative technology. It means we can bring the right skills into your business when you need them, bringing in a different expert as the project evolves. This level of flexibility is incredibly cost-effective and enables you to access skilled and experienced personnel quickly and reliably.

MediaCityUK, Manchester

We're based in The Landing, MediaCityUK, Manchester.

British Cardiovascular Society
Dicey Tech
Eagle Labs
Manchester Metropolitant University
Royal Agricultural University
Spread Like Wild Fire Media
The Landing
University of Manchester
University of Salford
Up Ventures


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Thu Jul 30 2020

Looking forward to the #neurodiverse business networking skills workshop today delivered by the fantastic @SparkleClass, this amazing workshop is refreshingly aimed at giving the neurodiverse fishing rods instead of fish! If interested in talks like this one, DM @TheLandingMCUK.

Tue Jul 21 2020

It's sad to hear that @HackManchester is closing down, we've had a number of our team members attend past events & they've always said they have had a good time. We would like to thank the #HackMCR team for all the hard work they've put in over the past 8 years! 💛🐝 #HackMCRFav

Fri Jul 17 2020

With the new and improved features introduced they’ve allowed for developers to get even more out of each API call, meaning that greater and more powerful projects can be created by the use of #AI (5/6)

Fri Jul 17 2020

Scaling with user needs like AWS while simplifying its use is a savvy business investment into the dev' community becoming once again the training example for little Timmy's first @TwitterDev API. Allowing little Timmy’s app to now scale into an empire without recoding. (2/6)

Fri Apr 03 2020

Because we can help, we will. Whatever your business problem, let us work on it with you. Absolutely free, no strings attached. Message or email us Tell us your problem. Let's see what we can do together. #FreeAdvice #Community #FridayFeeling

Tue Mar 31 2020

FREE one-to-one support & business advice. From us. Because we're bloody good at it. Email or DM us. Include a brief description of the issues you're facing & a phone number. #FreeAdvice #HelpFightCorona #SorryForTheHoarseVoice #BackToBackPhoneCalls

Wed Mar 11 2020

Why is diversity and culture key to accelerating your business? For a variety of reasons were discussed, but a more diverse team inspires a diverse mindset, with that true innovation can happen.

Wed Mar 11 2020

It's a pleasure to be invited to speak about the innovation and collaboration happening in MediaCityUK at the Digital City Festival

Sat Feb 29 2020

And to wrap up @TEDxManchester we have @SteveBugeja, a comedian telling a real stories of his where he volunteered to help out at an American camp #TEDxManchester

Sat Feb 29 2020

Insects are extraordinary, @annesver tells us about the history of how we've used insects to advance technology, how they're vital to life on earth and how mealworms can eat through plastics @TEDxManchester #TEDxManchester

Sat Feb 29 2020

Salah Sharief makes us question how we can dehumaning we can become with the less contact we have with people, the more physical and emotional distance we have to someone, using the milgram experiment as an example, we need to save our humanity! @TEDxManchester #TEDxManchester

Sat Feb 29 2020

Kicking off the third and last session @TEDxManchester is @Skullfades talking about the amazing work they are doing, getting people out of homelessness and into barber community work, with a surprise visit from @AndyBurnhamGM. #TEDxManchester

Sat Feb 29 2020

Phones are a weapon of mass distraction, we waste our time so freely, to change this @jameswallman shows us a few techniques to spend it wiser, getting us to stand up, share stories & dance with fellow attendees, incredibly engaging & funny speaker @TEDxManchester #TEDxManchester

Sat Feb 29 2020

Biggest round of applause @TEDxManchester for @scopelandboxer, let's fight back against gender stereotypes #TEDxManchester

Sat Feb 29 2020

Insperational personal story from @scopelandboxer, who persevered through discrimination just because they wanted to play sports, then becoming the first British woman to win the commonwealth boxing title years later, question your language 🥊 @TEDxManchester #TEDxManchester

Sat Feb 29 2020

Facial recognition is an incredible piece of technology, it can aid in verification and catching criminals, but what else is the data being used for, what kind of discrimination is it enabling and how accurate is it, amazing talk by @parmy. @TEDxManchester #TEDxManchester

Sat Feb 29 2020

Amazingly interesting music from @DuckOrchestra to kick off the second round of talks @TEDxManchester 🎶🎷🎻 #TEDxManchester

Sat Feb 29 2020

Non-verbals are the core of communication and are embedded into our limbic system, even people born blind will raise their hands to their face when then hear something they don't like, so many thought provoking insights from @navarrotells. @TEDxManchester #TEDxManchester

Sat Feb 29 2020

Success is much more difficult for specialists to achieve, those who specialise too early in their career might make more money in the short term, but those who generalise & have sampling periods often perform better, great talk from @DavidEpstein @TEDxManchester #TEDxManchester

Sat Feb 29 2020

Extremely interesting insights from @J_Bloodworth talking about his experience working in "gig economy" zero hour jobs at Amazon and Uber, it's definitely not the lavish life style that people think, with strict rules/punishments and bad pay @TEDxManchester #TEDxManchester

Sat Feb 29 2020

Amazing talk from @stecks about how the banaue numbers have followed us through history and how amazing mathmaticans have been across the world @TEDxManchester #TEDxManchester

Sat Feb 29 2020

80% of all agricultural land is used to grow food for the animals, if we all went vegan that would massively drop our carbon emissions and help prevent climate change, amazing insights from @sarahbridle as our first speaker @TEDxManchester #TEDxManchester

Sat Feb 29 2020

We've got our seats @TEDxManchester, not too long until the first set of speakers start #TEDxManchester

Fri Feb 21 2020

We've had quite the week of amazing Data/AI events & conversations, being kicked off by @techforgoodlive's data for good, shortly followed with @IETevents Turing Talks and @Manc_ML last night, then finishing off by having a casual meeting with @vhirsch over lunch at the Botanist.

Thu Feb 20 2020
Thu Feb 20 2020

Fully house over here @Manc_ML tonight. #MancML

Wed Feb 19 2020

It's great to be here at #TuringTalk listening to Mark Girolami talking about Digital Twins, the next phase of the AI revolution?

Thu Feb 06 2020

@greatermcr @CompiledMCR @upaccelerator @TheLandingMCUK @DigitalSalford @AndyBurnhamGM @tn_northwest @McrDig @naomitimperley @innovateheruk @opendatamcr @Sean12697 We're also pleased to be one of the eleven companies on the @GCHQ #SafeCitizenAccelerator in partnership with @TheLandingMCUK and @upaccelerator, which is also listed on the @GMCAdigital "Greater Manchester Cyber Ecosystem map" #GMdigital

Thu Feb 06 2020

The work that @greatermcr are doing is amazing, we see a few familiar names/friends in the digital blueprint and we hope that INEVITABLE, along with our @CompiledMCR project, can assist with #GMdigital

Tue Feb 04 2020

On @Meetup alone there are over 170 groups, having hosted more than 3,000 events spanning the past few years. It's quite difficult to convey how large the community is, which is why we're working on @CompiledMCR, a tool for the #ManchesterTechCommunity

Thu Jan 30 2020

We have to thank @itsonlymepaddy tonight for his encouragement for us to talk tonight @eagle_labs_sal hosted @TheLandingMCUK, amazing first event organised by Paddy 🤖

Thu Jan 23 2020

Here's a little bit of irony for today, as we were putting together our last tweet spellchecker suggested that "abductive" should be "deductive", surely someone put that in as an easter egg.

Thu Jan 16 2020

Loving the data blocks, button and curation 💾

Thu Jan 16 2020

We're enjoying hearing fr several people about their different experiences and influences on the many different gadgets brought tonight for @mcrfuturists.

Thu Jan 16 2020

Extremely interested development happening at Lanchester, joint with Edinburgh University, that also combats ethical concerns about data, and an option to pay a subscription for your data to not be shared with third parties 📱⚠ #mcrfuturists

Thu Jan 16 2020

Only two weeks time until @eagle_labs_sal hosts their next Smart Homes: Living with AI @TheLandingMCUK, tickets are out now so sign up before they are gone 🤖🎟🍻

Tue Jan 14 2020

It's a pleasure to be invited to @TechFemale @FederationMCR tonight and support greater diversity in tech founding roles.

Tue Dec 31 2019

Looking back on a year of amazing growth for INEVITABLE. We’ve worked with some truly incredible organisations & people. Releasing our CTO service, 3 Open Source #TechForGood Projects, 7 GitHub Repos, winning competitions & still found time to speak at many Con’s, Uni’s & Schools

Thu Nov 28 2019

As part of our open-source @CompiledMCR project, we are happy to announce we have released the data from Meetup for the Manchester Tech' scene, along with the scripts we created to gather it. We hope to be able to feature data visualizations on it soon.

Thu Nov 07 2019

Manchester GPS data looks amazing in the Java OpenStreetMap Editor, we feel like this should be printed 😍🗺🐝 #Manchester

Fri Oct 25 2019

Sooooo we have released the source code for @CompiledMCR Events (formally Manchester Tech Meetups) after many requests, so please do check it out and give us any feedback, we do hope to put more development time into it soon 😁

Wed Oct 23 2019

Wo-Man: Today's sad, funny and true incitement of the human race is brought to us by Googles' word2vec model trained on Google News which we've been playing around with. For giggles, we retrieved the closest words for "woman" and "man", we think the results speak for themselves.

Sat Oct 19 2019

It was a pleasure to give our first talk @oggcamp, for those who are interested in collaborating with us, give us a DM. Here are the links/pictures for the projects from our slides: Image Classification Benchmarker - NavEnabled -

Tue Oct 15 2019

It has come to our attention that Meetup will soon start charging fees to event attendees, due to this, we will be pursuing more of our community focused open source projects. We hope to discuss some of them @oggcamp this Saturday and spark discussions with more collaborators.

Thu Oct 03 2019

We've just published our first public package on @npmjs as INEVITABLE, it's a simple package to make and test transfer learning, but our aim is to use it in a much bigger modular system.

Thu Sep 26 2019

It was a pleasure to officially be introduced to Paddy, our new Ecosystem Manager for @eagle_labs_sal in @TheLandingMCUK, we will sorely miss @darren1_obrien, but this is definitely how business cards should be done at Eagle Labs

Thu Sep 19 2019

It's good to see @RosieCampbell back talking @mcrfuturists @AutoTraderLife, one of our particularly favourite meetup groups due to the frequent focus on AI.

Mon Sep 16 2019

It was a pleasure catching up with @guettel @OfficialUoM after hearing his talk @Manc_ML on "Symbolic Time Series Representations" today

Thu Sep 05 2019

Next up, @emanuil_tolev talking about "What's new in Elastic Stack 7.x", someone we first bumped into @BSidesMCR 😁

Speaking at your event

Ben speaks at various events in Manchester and nationwide. He is passionate about AI and accessibility, and he's committed to making complex processes and concepts easy to understand by a wide audience.

Barclays AI Talk

He currently has the following talks available:

AI and machine learning explained
The future of technology
Entrepreneurship: the advantage of an alternative approach

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